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I’ve seen a lot of guides around the web (specially those published in the Medium website , they are usually recycling the same extensions over and over again, with the clear distinction that some of them are specific to a programming language or a certain task. For that reason, I’ve decided to compile all the extensions that I have used for a task or that I find useful for anyone into a five-part series. All of these extensions will be useful to you one way or another, and are not limited to a language or task. They are good extensions that will make a lot of aspects developing a better experience.

Without further ado (and in no specific order of priority nor preference), here’s the ultimate VScode guide extension. You can also can click their names to navigate to their github repo.. If you want to install the extensions shown here, you can write the extension name on VScode extensions:marketplace

#1 Language-x86-64-assembly

Visual Studio Code package with x86 and x86_64 assembly syntax support.

This is a TextMate/Sublime/VS Code/Atom bundle providing language support for x86_64 assembly language in a variety of dialects (nasm/yasm primarily, but could highlight tasm/gas to some extent).

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#2 Better-comments

The Better Comments extension will help you create more human-friendly comments in your code. With this extension, you will be able to categorize your annotations into:

It has a lot of supported languages:

* Ada
* AL
* Apex
* AsciiDoc
* BrightScript
* C
* C#
* C++
* ColdFusion
* Clojure
* CoffeeScript
* Dart
* Dockerfile
* Elixir
* Elm
* Erlang
* F#
* Fortran
* gdscript
* GenStat
* Go
* GraphQL
* Groovy
* Haskell
* Haxe
* HiveQL
* Java
* JavaScript
* JavaScript React
* JSON with comments
* Julia
* Kotlin
* LaTex (inlc. Bibtex/Biblatex)
* Less
* Lisp
* Lua
* Makefile
* Markdown
* Nim
* Objective-C
* Objective-C++
* Pascal
* Perl
* Perl 6
* Pig
* PlantUML
* PowerShell
* Puppet
* Python
* R
* Racket
* Ruby
* Rust
* Sass
* Scala
* ShaderLab
* ShellScript
* Stylus
* Swift
* Tcl
* Terraform
* Twig
* TypeScript
* TypeScript React
* Verilog
* Visual Basic
* Vue.js
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#3 Codesnap

Take beautiful screenshots of your code in VS Code!


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#4 Snazzy plus

A VS Code theme based on hyper-snazzy and vscode-snazzy-operator.

Changes compared to Aaron Thomas version are:

This is also my favorite theme for VScode, after having spent a lot of time with the Dracula theme

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It helps you to navigate in your code, moving between important positions easily and quickly. No more need to search for code. It also supports a set of selection commands, which allows you to select bookmarked lines and regions between bookmarked lines. It’s really useful for log file analysis.

Here are some of the features that Bookmarks provides:

- Mark/unmark positions in your code
- Mark positions in your code and give it name
- Jump forward and backward between bookmarks
- Icons in gutter and overview ruler
- See a list of all Bookmarks in one file and project
- Select lines and regions with bookmarks
- A dedicated Side Bar

Navigate your code as navigate your favorite book

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#6 Gitignore

A extension for Visual Studio Code that assists you in working with .gitignore files.

Save precious development time by just running Ctrl+Shift+P or F1 and type Add gitignore. After that, just select the your language. Check out below how the python .gitignore looks.

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#7 Emojisense

Adds suggestions and autocomplete for emoji to VS Code.

Check out the list of supported emojis

Forget about looking up the unicode for your emoji ever again

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#8 Sourcery

This is a great extension if you’re a python developer.

Sourcery is your personal coding assistant that helps you write better, cleaner, Python code. It suggests refactoring on the fly to instantly improve your code.

Sourcery runs in the background whenever you’re working on Python files. Keep an eye out for sections of your code underlined in blue - that means Sourcery has a suggestion!

Hover over a Sourcery suggestion to see a description of what Sourcery wants you to change along with the diff of the proposed changes. Then either use the quickfix menu (Ctrl+. or Cmd+. for most people) or click on the lightbulb icon to bring up the Sourcery menu and choose to accept or reject the changes.

Sourcery also provides quality metrics for every function you write (plus warnings for really bad code).

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#9 Markdown All in One

All you need for Markdown (keyboard shortcuts, table of contents, auto preview and more).

With this extension you will have:

This is particularly useful is you’re into front-end development. This website is written using Hugo , one of the most popular open-source static site generators, the content you are reading right now it’s written in markdown, take a look! .

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#10 Trailing spaces

A VS Code extension that allows you to highlight trailing spaces and delete them in a flash!

This extension is a port of the popular Sublime Text plugin Trailing Spaces.

VS Code provides a way to automate deletion of trailing spaces by using the Trim Trailing Whitespace command. Depending on your settings, it may be more handy to just highlight them and/or delete them by hand, at any time. This plugin provides just that, and a lot of options to fine-tune the way you want to decimate trailing spaces.

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